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What We Offer

For your convenience, we offer in-home, daycare, and teletherapy speech-language and feeding services.

Eating Breakfast

Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes are not always easy for families and often cause significant stress. Our goal is to make a positive change in our clients' and families' lives. We can help support your baby transitioning to solid foods, improving oral-motor skills and expanding their diet. We use a responsive and supportive feeding therapy approach. 

What can feeding therapy help with?

  • Refusal to try new food

  • Trouble chewing/swallowing

  • Difficulty transitioning to solid food

  • Disruptive Mealtime behavior

  • Food selectivity

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps children who are having difficulty saying sounds and words. The earlier articulation concerns are identified, the easier it is to remediate the errors.

What can speech therapy help with?

  • Sound errors (lisp, R distortion)

  • Difficulty being understood

  • Frustration when talking

  • Persistent immature speech patterns at an older age

  • Motor speech disorders 

  • Stuttering  

Kids in Daycare

Language Therapy

Language therapy helps children who are having difficulty understanding what others say (i.e.receptive), and/or difficulty speaking and sharing thoughts (i.e. expressive).

What can language therapy help with?

  • Difficulty following directions

  • Difficulty combining words

  • Limited verbal output

  • Frustration when trying to communicate

  • Play skills

  • Social skills

A comprehensive evaluation is conducted prior to starting therapy services.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations will include:

  • Discussing your speech, language and/or feeding concerns

  • Talking about techniques that may help your child

  • Recording you trying these techniques so we can view the video together and discuss what works for your child

  • Option to schedule follow-up sessions as needed

Speech-Language Evaluation

Comprehensive Speech-Langauge Evaluation will include

  • Background history review

  • Informal assessment and/or formal standardized testing

  • Assessment of pre-linguistic communication, gestures, comprehension, expression, pragmatics and articulation as appropriate

Feeding Evaluation

Comprehensive Clinical Feeding Evaluation will include:

  • Review of medical and feeding history

  • Observation of feeding/mealtime behaviors

  • Oral sensory-motor assessment

  • Feeding recommendations to create a foundation on which feeding therapy can build upon

  • Appropriate referrals

We use a play-based and child-centered approach 

  • In-Person Therapy

  • Teletherapy

  • In-Daycare Therapy

  • Food Explorers Group classes

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